The 3D industry today assumes great importance, more and more jobs are appearing around this sector and of course more professionals. I am a person who from a very young age has had access to education in the digital world through Graphic Design, Editing, Modeling and its bases along with all the most used 3D programs. I have been able to work as a FreeLancer for many people over the years and some other companies such as Calzabel - Interior Architecture Design, (Bellusion) - Naspot Architecture 3D/Real State and Martín Studio quickly adapting to the workflow and programs used in each studio . After years of studying 3D I continue to learn and train to this day. I really want to and spend a lot of time learning and what better way to do it than in a company where I have the responsibility to comply and be accountable for it. I am a disciplined person and eager to demonstrate what I am capable of when I acquire a job from start to finish. I like punctuality and dealing with clients and satisfying them with good work. I consider myself an ambitious person who is committed to new technologies and digital art. I dream of working on this and reaching the top of 3D Design. I have a VFX portfolio press on the image at the left to reveal it!